How To Prove To The Family Court You And Your Spouse Or De Facto Partner Have Legally Separated

Clients are often shocked when family lawyers tell them that if their marriage or de facto relationship is at an end, they and their spouse or partner can still live under the same roof, but can be deemed as being separated for the purpose of divorce or legally ending their de facto relationship. However, whilst they might live in the same house, there will be significant changes as to how that is done.

Now, it might seem strange that a couple can separate and be planning to have that marriage or de facto relationship legally ended, but all the while the spouses or partners are still living in the same house. But, when you have considered the many reasons why that is an arrangement that can suit both of them and their children especially if they are parents, then it does not seem such an odd situation.

Why Separating Couples May Choose To Remain Living Under the Same Roof

Let us first state that not every couple who is divorcing or ending their de facto relationship is at each other’s throats and wishing that the other were on a different planet, let alone a different house. In fact, the vast majority of divorces are conducted amicably with both parties able to communicate and settle their divorce without any rancour or animosity.