7 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics For Law Firms

7 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics For Law Firms

The worlds of digital marketing and the legal profession might not seem to have much in common, however, any lawyer or law firm that hopes to compete with others in their local area for new clients, must embrace digital marketing and use it effectively. By doing so, law firms can benefit in many ways which include boosting trust and authority in their local area and seeing an ever-increasing number of new clients seeking their services.

To gain these advantages requires a digital marketing campaign to be established, and that is often where lawyers hit a roadblock as obviously their knowledge and experience are more likely to relate to the courtroom than marketing channels and search engines. However, even with limited knowledge of digital marketing, if you follow some tried and trusted tactics you can still produce a positive result, so here are seven digital marketing tactics that Slinky Digital highly recommends for law firms.

Carry Out Detailed Research And Planning: Just as you would carefully plan and research for a court case, the same principle applies to creating digital marketing campaigns. Online marketing best practices, your competition, your audience, marketing channels, and content options, are but a few of the many elements of a digital marketing campaign you need to thoroughly research and plan for.

Publish The Best Quality Content You Can: No matter what marketing channels you choose, it is essential that, in every case, the content you publish there, especially on your website, is of the highest quality. This not only helps boost your authority with readers but can help gain better search engine rankings as Google can measure the quality of content based on visitor behaviour.

Use SEO To Gain Top Rankings On Search Engines: Having just mentioned rankings, here is something else which will help them. SEO is a broad and detailed subject, but as long as you get many of the basics right, it can help your search engine rankings improve. This includes both on your website by optimising the onsite SEO, and externally, with backlinks from high-authority websites.

Harness The Power Of Social Media: The majority of your target audience likely uses social media, and so your law firm should use that fact to its advantage. Whether it be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, post quality content there regularly and stay engaged with your audience.

Embrace Email Marketing And Use It Effectively: Email marketing might not be anything new, but believe us when we say it can be as effective as any other marketing tool that you use. Make your emails a mixture of information and advice as well as promotional emails highlighting your services and they will help you to gain and retain clients.

Continually Seek To Analyse, Adapt, And Optimise Your Digital Marketing: A digital marketing campaign is not a set and forget exercise. Instead, it should be something where you monitor progress, assess your results, and adapt and tweak where that data indicates that you need to.

Strongly Consider Employing A Professional Digital Marketing Agency: If even with the tactics we have outlined you are still somewhat unsure of how to proceed, then this final tactic will resolve all your doubts. Instead of taking on the work of planning, creating, implementing, and optimizing your digital marketing campaign yourself, employ a professional digital marketing agency to do it all for you.